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Anti-ageing lip care. For beauty at any age

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. It’s true at any age. And although your beauty will always shine through, as the years pass the effects of a life well lived start to appear. Face and hands are usually the first to show the signs of aging, with lips naturally changing over time due to sun exposure, genetics, and smoking. Anti-ageing lip care is more important as time goes on.

Your lips change over time

Lips, like the rest of your body, change over time. Here are a few ways:

• Less collagen is manufactured, so lip volume decreases
• Skin elastin quality deteriorates, so skin breaks down easily and wrinkles can develop
• Upper lip elongates, flattening the cupid’s bow
• Lost structure at the borders
• Drier, thinner skin, and rougher texture.

Keep your lips looking younger

A little anti-ageing lip care can go a long way to helping you keep that youthful glow. Dry and flaky skin makes your lips look thinner, so you can rejuvenate your look simply by applying a moisturising lip balm. Or for something a little more intensive, we use CoQ10 for advanced hydration in our lip balm to help give lips a fuller appearance, so you can feel like you again.

Clinically shown to improve lip appearance, Blistex Deep Renewal deeply hydrates your lips with the power of Beeswax, CoQ10 and Jojoba. Say goodbye to those little fine lines.

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